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Flexi Neck 90 Degree Tool Holder

skyVac® Flexi Neck 90° Degree Tool Holder


The skyVac® Flexi Neck angled Tool Holder is Ideal for right angled, high access projects. Attaching securely to the 44mm skyVac® Suction Poles, the 90-degree Tool Holder can holder accommodate a variety of end tools for precise cleaning results.

Please Note: skyVac® 44mm suction poles and end tools are sold separately.

£36.00 (Ex.Vat £30.00 )

This Tool Holder fits onto the end of our skyVac® Suction Poles (44mm), and can hold a wide range of end tools for high level cleaning.

It is useful for reaching hard to access angles and areas, and gives you more accurate cleaning at such a high level.

Allows for more versatile and customisable cleaning.


Key Features:

  • Compatible with 44mm skyVac® Suction Poles
  • More accurate, angled cleaning


  • 44mm Diameter
  • Angle/Bend: 90°
  • Material: Silicone

Package Contains

  •  1x Flexi Neck 90 Degree Tool Holder
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